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This comprehensive set of resources support teachers with the teaching of cyber security concepts, and to inform students of career opportunities in the field.

Check out our full length cyber courses, competitions and short classroom activities , and cyber classroom resources!

All activities are classroom ready, and aligned with both the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and the ICT Capability.

These resources have been developed by Grok Academy, in partnership with government and some of the biggest names in industry.

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Why teach cyber security in schools?

Cyber security is of increasing interest and concern in a world where we share so much data about ourselves.

Students are often unaware of the risks of excessive sharing, and understanding how to protect and secure data is a vital step in being cyber aware.

The resources we have developed not only raise awareness of important security concepts, but also teach students to take a proactive and skills-based approach towards their data.

The relevance of cyber security has been highlighted in V9 of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, with the inclusion of new privacy and security concepts.

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Our cyber security courses

Information privacy and security

This course teaches personal information security using the innovative approach of thinking from a hacker’s point-of-view.

Information privacy and security for Primary students

Designed specifically for primary school students in years 5 and 6, this version of the challenge presents the concepts through a series of conversations with the characters from the social media world we've created.

Phishing and Scams

This course introduces students to phishing and scams. Students learn the techniques adopted by hackers to trick people into sharing confidential information.

Web application security

This course demonstrates the importance of security in web applications by exposing typical flaws in websites that can be exploited using tools built into the web browser.

Data encryption and transmission

This course introduces basic cryptography concepts in relation to data representation and securing online communication, and how these are implemented through code.

Wired and wireless network security

This course teaches the fundamentals of wired and wireless networks and the underlying principles of digital systems using BBC micro:bits.

Principles of Cyber Security for Primary students

A series of short cyber security activities designed for students in Years 3-6. Developed in partnership with Education Departments across Australia and supported through grant funding from Google.

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Cyber competitions and short activities

Cyber Comp runs over a two week period. Students complete a 45 minute online challenge any time over the two weeks. Occurs in Jun/Jul and Nov/Dec each year.

Cyber Hunt consist of a series of short, stand-alone problems solved by applying cyber security skills. Ideal for a quick classroom activity or to practice problem-solving. Available mid-2022.

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Cyber classroom resources

Download a poster for display in your school or workplace, promoting the challenges to your staff and visitors.

Grab a copy of our Information Security poster to display in your classroom or stafroom. Are you #ShareAware?

Cryptography involves encoding data as numbers and applying encryption algorithms. This poster explains the fundamental ideas.

How do you know if your network is safe from hackers? This poster provides some important advice that's easy to follow!

Learn the fundamentals of being browser safe with this convenient reference. Identify typical online attack vectors.

Hang this poster on the wall in your classroom to help students learn 6 simple tips to make strong, secure passwords.

Display this poster in your classroom as a simple reference for the things to watch out for to avoid being scammed online.

Do you Know your risks when sharing online? Our Cyber Security card game helps identify what is and isn't safe to share.

Learn cryptography without computers. Our cipher wheels help you decode rotation ciphers easily.

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How to get involved

Use the resources below to promote our cyber security education resources in your education and industry networks and raise awareness of this exciting opportunity, available to all teachers and year 5-12 school students from all education sectors.

Media resources

On 19 February 2019 the Schools Cyber Security Challenges were officially launched. Hear from teachers, students, parents and industry why this is such an important initiative.

Students and teachers talk about the Challenges. Share this video on your favourite social media platforms.

Industry sees the Challenges as a step to securing our workforce into the future. Share their thoughts on your socials.

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