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Grok Academy is your home for Digital Technologies education offering classroom-ready online and unplugged resources. Drawing on decades of experience in teaching digital technologies, we provide support through teaching resources, professional learning, and curriculum guidance. As an Australian charity, we aim to empower the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions they need to become the creators of tomorrow.

Learning to code has never been so accessible!

Challenging problems

Our problem-based learning approach matches each new concept with a problem so students learn by doing!

Code in the browser

Code from any device, any time - students can start a question on an iPad at school and finish it off on their computer at home.

Interactive notes

Dive straight into coding while using the notes, with interactive code snippets that can be edited and run.

Intelligent automarking

Our automarker breaks each problem down into tests and gives students useful feedback to help them solve it!

Created by coding and education experts

All our resources are created by a team of highly experienced educators. We understand the pressures of classroom teaching and know what works to keep students engaged and learning.

Feel safe online

Only verified teachers and parents can see and manage student data. Find out more about how we protect yours and your students' information in our Privacy Policy.

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