Understanding the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies version 9

Foundation to Year 10

On this page you can access the introductory video about how to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies from Foundation through to Year 10.

Video resources

F-10 What's New in Australian Curriculum V9?

Learn the differences between v8.4 and v9.0. What’s new? A theoretical session that outlines the new features of the Australian Curriculum v9.0 and what they mean. This webinar introduces concepts and definitions of key terms that will be referred to throughout the series of webinars. This is the first webinar of 19. There are 3 series and each of them has 6 episodes addressing the learning for F-2, 3-6 and 7-10.

F-2 Webinars

F-2 V9 Curriculum Webinars

3-6 Webinars

3-6 V9 Curriculum Webinars

7-10 Webinars

7-10 V9 Curriculum Webinars

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