Understanding V9 of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

Years 7 to 10

On this page you can access resources and videos about how to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies from Years 7 to 10.

Video resources

F-10 What's New in Australian Curriculum V9?

Learn the differences between v8.4 and v9.0. What’s new? A theoretical session that outlines the new features of the Australian Curriculum v9.0 and what they mean. This webinar introduces concepts and definitions of key terms that will be referred to throughout the series of webinars. This is the first webinar of 19. There are 3 series and each of them has 6 episodes addressing the learning for F-2, 3-6 and 7-10.

7-10 Data Representation

Learn the difference between v8.4 and v9.0 in the context of Data Representation and Years 7 - 10. This webinar discusses the concept of Data Representation then focuses on Years 7 - 8 and the content descriptions with activity ideas. It then discusses relevant Years 9 - 10 content descriptions and activity ideas.

7-10 Algorithms Part 1

Learn the difference between v8.4 and v9.0 in the context of implementing Algorithms for Years 7 - 10. This webinar will navigate the Australian Curriculum website to locate relevant Digital Technologies content.​ It will explain ways to address the content descriptions and identify links to relevant general capabilities.​ There will be demonstrations of practical examples shared resources to support the teaching and learning of algorithms and user experience​. There will be a focus on pseudocode, flowcharts and prototyping for user experience. ​

7-10 Algorithms Part 2

Part 2 of Algorithms begins with a recap of Algorithms 1 and the Australian Curriculum v9​ that is relevant to Years 7 - 10. The webinar explains ways to address the content descriptions, links to general capabilities​ and pedagogies for teaching this content strand. It will also consider activities for teaching debugging and implementation for Years 7 - 10. There is also some focused time for Years 7 - 8 explaining nested control structures and logical operators for Years 9-10.

7-10 Privacy and Security

This webinar will define the concept of Privacy and Security and then examine this new content that has been introduced in Australian Curriculum v9. It will provide activities and assessments ideas.

7-10 Designing and Assessing Digital Technologies Projects

This webinar will explore the Australian Curriculum v9 Digital Technologies for Years 7 - 10 and how it applies to content that links to projects and agile project management. It will provide examples of how to implement the different sub-strands of the Digital Technologies Curriculum into a rich, integrated project​ and provide ideas for assessing against the relevant components of the achievement standard​.

F-2 Webinars

F-10 V9 Curriculum Introduction

F-2 Webinars

F-2 V9 Curriculum Webinars

3-6 Webinars

3-6 V9 Curriculum Webinars

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