Grok Access Pricing - International Schools

Grok Access is free for Australian and New Zealand schools thanks to the generous support of WiseTech Global, for other countries details on pricing are provided below.

Claim your free trial

We offer you a free 21-day trial to give you time to explore the platform and determine if Grok is right for you. This trial gives every student at your school access to all our school content and any competitions that fall during the trial period.

To set your school up with a free trial, simply contact us at or login and Request a Quote from your Teacher Dashboard.

Whole-school Access Model

Our pricing system works on the concept of whole-school access, in essence, site licences. As soon as your school arranges Grok Access, all students and staff in your school can get started straight away. You estimate how many students will use the platform and we charge you based on that estimation. No need to arrange access if any extra students join the school or change subjects during the year.

If your school uses Grok more than expected, we will discuss adjusting the pricing for the following year. You can have the current extras for free! We want to make it easy for everyone (especially your colleagues) to give coding (and Grok) a go.

What does school access offer?

School access allows your students to access to all the Grok Academy courses and competitions on the platform. This includes courses suitable for students in primary and secondary in a variety of languages, and six annual competitions. To see the courses we have on offer browse our Launchpad. To learn more about our competitions and events, visit our Upcoming Competitions page.

Verifed teachers can request a tailored quote for their school from their Teacher Dashboard.

Simply login and Request a Quote. If you do not have an account or are not a verified teacher, you can contact us at

Bulk Discounts

To make it more affordable for schools to use Grok more widely, we offer bulk discounts. The more students you sign up, the cheaper the cost per student becomes. We have adjusted these discounts to make them fairer as previously they were unfairly penalising smaller schools.

To find out the exact pricing for your school, contact us to get a quote. As always, if your students or school are in financial hardship, we don't want your students to miss out, so please contact us so we can work out a price that is suitable for you.

Free Access for Teachers

Verified teachers get free access to the Grok Academy courses and content including solutions and teacher notes. Teachers are also able to use the courses for their own professional development. Many of our courses come with certificates of completion for teachers to show attainment.

If you have any questions or feedback on this model or need additional support, please contact us: