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Grok would like to thank all of our industry collaborators for their continued support.

Grok Academy undertakes joint projects with Industry and Government. Each project has a particular theme and incorporates real-life industry-relevant topics to support the implementation of Digital Technologies in the classroom. Visit our Projects page to find out more about the projects we facilitate.

Grok Academy currently has more than 160,000 active users and plays a key role in teaching the next generation the skills they need to become the creators of tomorrow. Click here to find out more about the major impact Grok is having in the digital technologies space.

To become an industry partner or to find out more, please email us at info@grokacademy.org

Thank you to our collaborators and sponsors

School cyber security challenges

Media resources

Below are some media resources to share with your organisation and find out more about the work that we do.

On 19 February 2019 the Schools Cyber Security Challenges were officially launched. Hear from teachers, students, parents and industry why this is such an important initiative.

Students and teachers talk about the Challenges. Share this video on your favourite social media platforms.

Industry sees the Challenges as a step to securing our workforce into the future. Share their thoughts on your socials.