Web.Comp Design Tournament

School Grok Access required

Created for Years 7-8, 9-10, 11, 12

Duration: 1 week

The Web.Comp Tournament is open to all students!

Test your web design skills in HTML and CSS against students from all around the world! If you have prior HTML/CSS knowledge, like from a previous Web.Comp or from our Intro to HTML/CSS course, this is the perfect place to show just how much you've learnt. Design a website to be voted on amongst hundreds of others and see who comes out on top. Voting is open to everyone, so you can get your friends and family involved!

Get involved!

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The Beginners stream of Web.Comp is for students new to HTML & CSS

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The Intermediate stream of Web.Comp is for students who have completed the Beginners stream, or our HTML & CSS Beginners courses